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Schedule for receiving textbooks in "Drive Thru" style

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2023-05-17 21:42:53

Receipt of textbooks The school will distribute textbooks. Only those who have already paid for the book  in the form of "Driver Thru" (drive-pick up). Parents do not have to get out of the car by arranging 2 pick-up points.

Point 1 EP students pick up their books in front of the English program, building 12. When driving into the university gate, keep left and park in front of the EP building to pick up books.  

Point 2 GEP students pick up the courtyard in front of building 15. When driving to the university gate, drive inside the school area to pick up books. In the event that the book has not been paid, parents are requested to pay for the book through the advisor before the date of receiving the book.