HM the Queen Sunandhakumariratana


          HM the Queen Sunandhakumariratana, wife of King Rama V, 50th daughter of King Rama IV and Somdej Phrapiyamawadee Sripatcharindramata (Chaochom Manda Piam) was born on Saturday 10 November B.E. 2403, the year of the monkey, at the Grand Palace. She had six brothers and sisters, namely:

          1. Phra Chao Lukyather Phraongchao Unakan Anataranorachai;   

          2. Phra Chao Lukyather Phraongchao Dewanuthaiwong (Somdej Phrachaobaromwongther Kromphraya Devawongwaropakarn);

          3. Phra Chao Lukyather Phraongchao Sunandhakumariratana (HM the Queen Sunandhakumariratana)

          4. Phra Chao Lukyather Phraongchao Sawangwattana (Somdej Phrasri Sawarindhara Baromarajdhevi Phraphanwasa-ayikachao);

          5. Phra Chao Lukyather Phraongchao Sawapha Phongsi (Somdej Phrasri Patcharindhra Baromarajininat Baromarajiniphanpiluang);

          6. Phra Chao Lukyather Phraongchao Sawatdisophon (Somdej Phrachaobaromwongther Kromphrasawatdiwatanawisit).

         When King Rama IV passed away, HM the Queen was 9 years old. King Rama V raised her and appointed her as Phranangther Phra Akra Mahesi. She performed her duty with such loyalty that she became the King’s favourite over other wives and servants. When she turned 19, she gave birth to her first daughter, who was named Phra Chao Lukyather Chaofa Kanna Pornpetcharat. HM the Queen Sunandha passed away when she was only 19 years 6 months 21 days in a boat capsize accident in Tambon Bangpood, Pakkred, Nonthaburi on 31 May B.E. 2423. She was pregnant at that time, causing unimaginable grieve to King Rama V. A monument in Bangpa-in was built in honor of the King’s love for her, who used to come to this garden with joy, with those close to her. This monument was built by King Rama V, her beloved husband, who suffered from unbearable pain, in B.E. 2423. HM the Queen was loved and respected by us Sunandha people who call ourselves “Child of Phranang.”